Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Blake Mistake by I. C. Camilleri

The Blake Mistake is the first book I have read by I. C. Camilleri although it is actually the third book in the Blake series. I enjoyed it as a standalone even though there are references to events that have obviously taken place in the earlier books which left me with some unanswered questions. That said The Blake Mistake is a strangely compelling read that hooks you in and keeps you wanting to know how events are going to unfold. The book is a paranormal, romantic mystery and centres on the Blake family. In particular, Ben Blake who is psychic and his sister Emma, who is married to the very troubled cardiac surgeon, Jake Snell who also happens to be the Earl of Yorkley and an amnesiac.

Ben Blake works as an agent for the government and uses his psychic powers to prevent terrorist attacks. The problem is by changing the future Ben unwittingly brings trouble for his nearest and dearest, in particular Emma. Jake has no memory of his childhood and when Emma finds an old diary she reads it and is able to gain some insight into his traumatic past, which in turn causes problems for her in the present.

All of these events collide and cause a race against time mystery which is actually very exciting. Camilleri somehow manages to make the incredible seem credible and I found myself completely caught up in the story. She creates a mystery with so many layers that by the end I was suspecting almost every character in the book of wrong doing.

I have to admit the genre is not my usual preference – it has lots of paranormal occurrences and quite a lot of erotica, which I found a little bit sexist but I’m sure lots of readers will enjoy. If you like a story that keeps you guessing right until the very end then you should give this one a try. 

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