Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cotton Grass Lodge by DeNise Woodbury

Cotton Grass Lodge is the perfect summer read, light, airy and feel good. The story is set in a remote part of Alaska and, despite me knowing nothing about Alaska, DeNise Woodbury manages to inject such vibrancy in her description of Cotton Grass Lake, I felt as though I were part of the community.

What I liked best about the book is the fact that it is a warm hearted tale about decent, likeable people. City boy, Duncan Mahoney arrives at Cotton Wood Lake as the new owner of the lodge and, throughout the story, we see him find himself as he falls in love with both his surroundings and local pilot, Hanna Reed.

I particular liked the character of Hanna because she is so capable, expertly flying the plane as well as chopping wood and all of the other physical tasks required in such a rugged, remote land. She is an independent woman in the true sense of the word but we also learn that she is emotionally damaged from a past relationship. As Hanna and Duncan slowly fall in love I found myself willing them to get their happy ever after.

There are other likeable characters in the background and it was a refreshing change to read a story with no villains or wrongdoing – just a close knit, caring community. If you’re looking for a light summer read then you can’t go wrong with this one.

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