Sunday, 4 January 2015

Leiyatel's Embrace (Dica Series Book 1) by Clive S. Johnson

In Leiyatel's Embrace, Clive S. Johnson has created the wonderful world of Dica. Having never read a fantasy novel before, I came to this story not knowing what to expect but was instantly captivated. This is in no small part down to Johnson's use of language, which is so beautiful it's almost poetic. I often found myself reading phrases or trying out words again and again because they were so thrilling. The descriptions of the different settings within the novel are so painstakingly detailed; the reader is almost able to see them. The story centres around the need for a small cast of characters to bond together and form a community in the face of an external threat. It is a story that clearly resonates as we navigate our own tricky times. Whether fantasy is your preferred genre or not, I think there is a lot to love about this novel and you may find yourself completely immersed in the world of Dica.

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