Sunday, 4 January 2015

Red is an Attitude (Red Mojo Mama Book 2) by Kathy Lynn Hall

Red is an Attitude is the sequel to Red Mojo Mama and more or less picks up where the first novel ends. All of the same beloved characters are present and when Red and Joe take a cruise it's an opportunity for Kathy Lynn Hall to introduce more characters. Most notably Agatha, a neglected wife whom Red takes under her wing. This novel seems lighter and slightly more mad-cap than the first and this is no bad thing. The fun of Red Mojo Mama was offset by Red's grief and her struggle to reclaim her life. With Red is an Attitude, Hall is able to bring out more playful fun as Red is consolidating her relationship with Joe and enjoying her friendships with the residents of Nuggetville. There is an element of mystery as Red's life is under threat but the heart of this book is its characters. The tone is one of kindness, friendship and a belief in the resilience of the human spirit which is what makes it such a pleasure to read. If your heart needs a lift and you are looking to lose yourself in a wonderfully idyllic community then this book is a must read. I defy anybody to read it and not find themselves smiling whilst secretly wishing they live in The Springs Mobile Home Park.

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