Sunday, 4 January 2015

Scarlet Ribbons by Anita Dawes

Scarlet Ribbons by Anita Dawes is an engrossing, thought provoking story which leaves the reader with many questions. The novel follows the experiences of Maggie Haynes, a seemingly happily married woman, who after being knocked down by a car finds herself in a coma. During that time we are afforded a glimpse of what it might be like for someone, aware of their surroundings but trapped in a world somewhere between life and death. Whilst occupying this alternate state of consciousness, Maggie makes connections with other people, most notably David and Annie. Once Maggie returns to the real world, she has to try and make sense of both worlds whilst re-establishing her relationship with her husband. Dawes uses her novel to raise some important spiritual questions such as, is there a world beyond the one we know and is it possible to have connections with people that transcend our lifetime? I enjoyed this novel very much and Dawes skilfully makes an unusual story seem completely believable. Maggie is a likeable character who is easy to engage with and I found myself willing her to find the courage to embrace happiness. If you like a story that is more than just your average romance then I thoroughly recommend this one.

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