Sunday 4 January 2015

Before the Dawn (The Grayson Trilogy Book 2) by Georgia Rose

I loved A Single Step and so was delighted when the sequel, Before the Dawn was released. All I can say is Georgia Rose doesn’t disappoint. She finds the perfect balance between giving us quick reminders about the characters without re-hashing too much, which means the story flows seamlessly and could easily be enjoyed as a standalone.
Emma Grayson’s life has moved on and she’s no longer the troubled individual she once was so, while we still get to enjoy her and Trent as a couple, this story is more action based than its prequel. The mystery of Melton Estate unfolds as it comes under threat from a group of Russian criminals. We get to know more about the other characters on the estate and when Cavendish, the estate owner, and his family are in danger, Emma comes to the rescue. I love the fact that Emma is able to credibly hold her own with the tough guys as she is in the peak of fitness from horse riding and an accomplished kick boxer.
For me though, Georgia Rose’s real skill as a writer is most evident in the way she gets her readers to actually feel the emotions of her characters. I found it incredibly moving when Emma accidentally meets her ex-husband and they lay the past to rest. Also when Turner, a young estate employee, is traumatised by his experiences, Rose allows us to share in his humiliation and pain.
Before the Dawn has a very happy and satisfying ending but Rose gives us just enough clues that the turbulent times aren’t over yet to ensure we’re anxiously awaiting the release of the final story in The Grayson Trilogy.


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